New Social Housing In Cropthorne?

No application (yet), possible locations.

The Chair has referred to this as does the Parish Plan. Central Government says we need more housing and affordable, or social, housing particularly. So here is some information:

- The Regional Joint Core Strategy proposes that there be large mixed housing developments, 400 properties at Hampton and 1,000 at Pershore.

- Your Parish Plan responses suggested there is a need today for 4 more affordable rented properties in Cropthorne.

- Residents said they want any new social housing only to be for local people or those with local connections.

- The survey done in 2007 by Wychavon said Cropthorne may need fourteen properties over the next five years.

- New developments can have restrictions on them to prefer tenants who have local jobs or connections. If no such tenant is available at the time the property is vacant, the housing association landlord offers them progressively further afield to people with priority on the District or County waiting list. So the restriction is of some, but limited, effect.

- Social housing can be built outside, but adjoining the village development boundary (see the map at the back).

- Some locations seem more suitable than others if we are to preserve the rural character of the village as residents have said we should.

- The map shows one site that Festival Housing Association is considering for 8 properties.

- We want a healthy community, ideally able to support services such as a viable village shop, so some growth may be good.

The Parish Plan also said you want any development to:

This will be discussed at the annual Parish meeting. Come along and contribute: Annual Parish Meeting, 6th April, Village Hall, 7.30pm.

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