More (or less) Planning

New Rules for Householders

New regulations that come into effect from 1st October 2008 mean that enlargements, improvements and alterations to a house do not require planning permission unless they (amongst other things):

There are also changes to the guidelines for roof alterations, and importantly, to hard surfaces such as driveways, where planning permission will now be required for any new or replacement hard surfacing greater than 5 square metres within front gardens, with some exceptions. This particular change is in response to recent concerns that surfaced front gardens contributed to the 2007 floods.

For advice and guidance on planning matters, call 565565 or email Alternatively, visit and follow the Planning Service link.

Local Developments

The number of planning applications fell in 2008. There are no applications for new developments at in Cropthorne present, but see the article on Social Housing.

Also, you may have seen that the 48,000 square feet of greenhouses at Springhill, Fladbury have received planning permission.

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