Jubillee Bridge Picnic Area

Following some comment locally, regarding the work recently done on the picnic area by Jubillee Bridge and particularly concerning the cost and visual impact of the work, an email has been received from the Countryside Officer for Jubilee Bridge Picnic Site, Mr Robert Stevenson.

"Works to the picnic site car park have recently been carried out in order to improve the surfacing for visitors to the picnic site. The surface was previously loose gravel and this continually degraded into an uneven potholed surface which caused problems for vehicles and pedestrians.

Following from staff's own observations and comments from site visitors, it was an aspiration for the site to sort out the surfacing and bring it up to a safe standard. A permeable tarmac was recommended as it is hard wearing, requires no maintenance and meets permeability requirements for rainfall and flooding drainage. Similar surfacing has been carried out on other local picnic sites and these have been very successful.

The area of the car park has been reduced as it was unnecessarily large for the site. This resulted in unnecessary effort and expense in maintaining superfluous surfaced area, as well as more hard surfacing in a rural situation. The marking of parking spaces greatly improves the efficiency of the car park, maximizing the number of cars which can use the car park. This has substantially off-set the reduction of the overall car park surface.

The newly grassed area will ultimately allow the installation of additional picnic tables, which will benefit site visitors, especially those of lower mobility who previously found it difficult to access and enjoy the site.

The surface is no more expensive than normal tarmac and the new car park surface will remove the need for expensive and regular maintenance of the stone surface. In the longer term a stone surface is a more expensive and lower quality option.

I agree the change to the car park does at the moment look stark, but the new surface quickly 'grows in' and blends into the surrounding area. This has proven to be the case with similar works on other picnic sites.

There has not been a rubbish bin on site for approximately five years. It was removed to reduce rubbish dumping and littering on the site. Currently a member of Countryside staff visits the site to litter pick and inspect the site weekly.

If you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to contact me."

Robert Stevenson
Countryside Sites Officer
Worcester Woods Country Park
Wildwood Drive
Tel. 01905 766155

Planning Updates

Case No: 13/01970
Application Type: Change of use
Location: Kimberleys Field, Field Barn Lane, Cropthorne Received Date: 17/09/13
Proposal: Change of use of land for the stationing of 30 static caravans for holiday purposes (10 months per year excluding December and January)
Statutory Start Date: 21/10/13
Status: Pending Consideration

Case No: 13/02058
Application Type: Outline
Location: Site adjacent to Claverdon, Middle Lane, Cropthorne
Received Date: 30/09/13
Proposal: Outline application for erection of a single detached dwelling.
Statutory Start Date: 14/10/13
Status: Pending Consideration

Case No: 13/02071
Application Type: Change of use
Location: Severn Acres, Main Road, Cropthorne Received Date: 01/10/13
Proposal: Continued use of land as a small private 3 pitch gypsy site, to site 3 mobile homes, 3 touring caravans and associated ancillary development Statutory
Start Date: 01/10/13
Status: Pending Consideration

Case No: 13/01686
Application Type: Outline
Location: Land between Pentalow and, Berrycroft, Blacksmiths Lane, Cropthorne
Received Date: 05/08/13
Proposal: Outline planning application for 8 no. dwellings to include 2 affordable units and new access.
Statutory Start Date: 05/08/13
Status: Pending Consideration

Councillor Tom McDonald's Winter Round Up

Tom has sent out his Winter Round Up newsletter, highlights include:

Click for the full Winter Round Up as a PDF file.

October Report from Councillor Tom McDonald

Planning Applications and the 5 Year Land Supply

A position Report to Cropthorne Parish Council

21st October 2013

A national new homes housing shortage
District decisions on planning applications for new homes are being directly affected by the Government's need for each council to have a 5 year land supply to meet housing needs. If a robust 5 year land supply cannot be shown to exist then by default key policies in local plans are not considered to be "up to date" and planning permission should be granted for new homes unless the impacts for such an approval significantly outweigh the benefits.

Fladbury Ward - whatever is going on!
My own ward has experienced a setback with the Wychavon planning committee's approval of a local planning application, the outcome of which was directly attributable to the land supply situation.

By this report I seek to inform residents and parish councils (who quite rightly wonder what is going on!) of the background that lead to that decision. I also hope to better inform those who may become involved with future new homes planning applications.

National Planning Policy framework
The Government requires councils to have set aside and made provision for sufficient land for house building - we all acknowledge that shortfall nationally. This is set out in the Government's National Planning Policy Framework. The Framework states that if councils cannot demonstrate a 5 year land supply, the relevant (local plan) policies for the supply of housing should not be considered "up to date". It also states that if the policies are out of date - planning permission should be granted unless the 'adverse impacts of doing so would significantly outweigh the benefits'.

Developers take advantage of a land supply problem
Currently we are in limbo, working to an existing local plan which does not have a robust 5 year land supply, and developers are taking advantage of that, with application refusals now at appeal. We have granted planning permission for a significant number of new homes over the last 18 months - with the planning committee making difficult decision despite local concern. Members have accepted that we need to deliver a robust 5 year land supply position in order to regain the control of development as envisaged by our local plan.

The South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) not yet approved!
The SWDP (Malvern Hills, Worcester City and Wychavon) is making progress. We have completed stage 1 and await the Inspector's letter. He has considered if the number of homes proposed by the SWDP up to 2030 is sufficient. SWDP 3 sets out the amount of development proposed (23,200 homes across South Worcestershire - 8,900 in Wychavon (excluding the wider Worcester allocations)). The Plan also sets out which sites are to be allocated for housing but the SWDP has yet to be approved - hopefully that will take place next year.

Without a robust land supply figure developers will challenge potential sites
Currently we have just achieved a land supply of 5.26 years which includes all the Government's requirements, including an uplift of 20%, and takes account of past years' under-supply. This figure is one measured against the old regional spatial strategy. If we were to assess our land supply against the evidence supporting the SWDP the position improves dramatically. We will know when we hear from the Inspector if our evidence has withstood close scrutiny.

The problem is that 5.26 is just past the post and is not as robust as we would like it. We expect developers to challenge the figure at appeal, working through all potential sites, claiming that developments may/will not come to fruition also claiming our figures are indicative. Even if we have a green light from the Inspector, developers will make the case that the Inspector's letter is interim and until he closes the examination into the Plan and sends his final letter, full weight cannot be given to the Council's evidence which supports a slightly lower house building figure than the RSS but a significantly lower figure than that put to the Inspector by a number of planning consultants working on behalf of house builders.

Recommendation from the Head of Planning - "continue at this time to approve housing developments deemed to be sustainable"
"Councillor McDonald be assured that position will need to be reviewed once the Inspector's letter is received. In addition we are facing a number of housing planning appeals - the first is for a 300+ scheme at Sims Metals. This appeal is currently programmed for mid-November and it is here that the officers will have its 5.26 years of supply tested with the Inspectorate. The decision from this appeal and others such as housing sites in Offenham or a major proposal for housing to the south of Droitwich (Yew Tree Hill) will all be challenging but the council will stand firm to argue its case.

I must add that Wychavon are not alone. Many councils do not have an adequate land supply and appeal decision after appeal decision - many determined by the Secretary of State - are being allowed for significant development and even when there is significant opposition from local residents and the local council'

I am keeping in close contact with officers and the Head of Planning to understand the latest position in relation to land supply and the SWDP. I hope that in due course Wychavon will demonstrate sufficient land supply and by doing so seek to manage future development in line with planning policies set out in the SWDP. For the time being difficult decisions on planning applications for new housing will need to be taken.

Tom McDonald

(Fladbury Ward Local Member, WDC Executive Board, Portfolio Economy, Regeneration and Flooding) 18th October 2013

Editorial Comment

What this seems to mean is that Central Government will force through at appeal inappropriate applications from developers even if they are against the wishes of the local community - this one included (although our District Council actually passed the outline proposal):

You can read more about this application in Tom McDonald's Follow Up Letter. I wonder who voted for, against and abstained?

September Report from Councillor Tom McDonald

New Homes Bonus and Council Tax Recently (25th September) the District Council held a well-attended event for parish and town councils on New Homes Bonus and Council Tax setting the purpose being to outline the significant challenges the council is facing, some of the dilemmas these present us with and an overview of our plan to meet such challenges. This set the context for specific discussions that followed on New Homes Bonus and Council Tax.

The main points on New Homes Bonus and what the Government's proposals mean for us and for parish councils as below, the information has been emailed to all parish clerks, so those who weren't at the event will also know about the latest position.

We have asked parishes to let Wychavon know (via Tracy Perkins) if they have any views on the final two points.

A detailed presentation followed about Council Tax Support and tax bases and some helpful suggestions on parish budget setting and precepts for 2014/15 and the time timetable for submitting precepts to us. Wychavon will be sending parishes their 2014/15 precept forms in October.

If you have any questions about New Homes Bonus please contact Tracy Perkins, Vic Allison the Deputy Managing Director or myself (after 7 October).

Minutes (5a) WDC Flood grant has been secured, I checked that out - but I do caution that financially things within local government can change. Attended a very good Tibberton Flood Project meeting recently, with WDC Engineering (2), and WCC (1) on the ground presence was very productive

Minutes (10e) I understand Mr Hodges has passed away

Minutes (14f) 01686 land of Blacksmiths Lane I have met with residents, spoke to officers, and have sent an open letter to all planning committee members supported by a site visit

Wychavon Community Recognition Awards Do we have an individual or organisation in Fladbury Ward (CROPTHORNE) who has made a positive impact on our community? If so why not nominate them for an award. Closing date 27th November (5 pm) check out www.wychavon.gov.uk/cms/community-and-living/community-development/community-recognition-award.aspx I have passed information hard copy to the parish Council


Another Update about Abbey Bridge

From Liz Eyre, County Councillor

Last week two sections of the new footpath were successfully poured. This means the west side is 75% completed and the east is 50% completed. This week work will commence on fixing reinforcement and shuttering to the next section of footpath on the east. With a concrete pour later this week.

The footpath under the viaduct was moved at the end of last week. The moving of the footpath allows the completion of the new viaduct footpath to the new bridge. Over the weekend the temporary false work was erected on the east and the west to allow the new footpath to be constructed.

Last week the concrete works to the south abutment were completed. The next operation is to cast the connection section for the new arches.

South Junction
There will be no temporary traffic lights on the junction this week


From Tom McDonald, District Councillor

After months of negotiation the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has agreed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government to provide affordable flood insurance for households in high risk areas in the UK.

The MOU calls for the development of a not for profit entity 'Flood Reinsurance scheme to be known as 'Flood Re' which all UK householder insurers will have to pay into creating a fund that can be used to pay claims for people in high-risk homes. The scheme is to be owned and managed by the industry itself. Flood Re will cap flood insurance premiums linking them to council tax bands up to a maximum limit depending on the band so homeowners will know the maximum they have to pay.

Flood Re is stated to fully deal with at least 99.5% of years, Flood Re will cover losses up to those expected in a 1 in 200 year event with the Government taking primarily responsibility working with the Insurance Industry and Flood Re for distributing any available resources to Flood Re policy holders should claims exceed that level.

Whilst details are not finalised it is hoped the scheme will be in place by June 2015 and will ensure that household flood insurance remains widely affordable and available.

Flood Re will also resolves concerns there would not be affordable flood cover for residents once the existing Flood Insurance Statements of Principles expires at the end of July, As a result of Flood Re, ABI members have voluntarily agreed to continue to operate the existing Flood Insurance Statement of Principles (2009) and this will continue until the new scheme is launched. Flood Re is to be considered as a transitional measure, with its benefits for high flood risk households phased out within 20-25 years.

This council has worked closely with many local flood victims in resilience and operational terms, in insurance terms this need had to be meet at a higher level and we welcome the progress being made at a national level and encouraging all interested parties locally to respond to the Department for Environment Food and Rural affairs consultation from 27th June 2013 to 8th August 2013 - WDC will play their part in that consultation!

With the proposed MOU the Government and UK Insurers is making progress toward a longer term solution for property owners at flood risk, we also seek to minimise future flooding occurrences working with residents and stakeholders and through the planning policy of this council which does not support inappropriate development such as new homes within identified flood plains or risk areas.

Tom McDonald
Fladbury Ward District Councillor
Wychavon Executive Board member Economy, Regeneration and Flooding

Progress on Evesham Bridge

From Tom McDonald, District Councillor

Please note at 17th May the current status of the Evesham Bridge Project which has been issues by the contractors site Agent



A44 Roundabout


Report from Councillor Tom McDonald given at Annual Parish Meeting


15TH APRIL 2013, Wychavon District Councillor (Fladbury Ward) Tom McDonald

Dear Chairman
Firstly my thanks to you Chairman, the parish council and all our Cropthorne residents for their support over the past year - much appreciated

So much has happened in the last 12 months, the introduction of a new planning framework, new types of grants such as the Wychavon new homes bonus for house building (relevant to Cropthorne), the emergence of neighbourhood Plans where grants of up to £7000 will be directly available to neighbour groups. Council tax has again been held and we have now moved up a league table to have the 7th lowest council tax banding in England. Within our district we have maintained a 50p car park charge per hour and made available a further £150,000, match funding to aid flood resilience (relevant to Cropthorne) I continue to hand deliver my Tom's Mini Round Up's and these are now available on all the village website's.

Referring to last year's Cropthorne report we have continued to make savings as and where appropriate but there are limits and this coming year we will be taking £900,000 out of reserves - that is what they are there for but we are now revising our strategies and promises for the future namely up to 2016 and you will be consulted

The economy has flat lined and this has affected business growth in certain sectors including putting a hold on the Worcestershire Bosch project at Junction 6/M1. We however are ploughing a further £700,000 of financial support to attract more businesses and retain existing ones. We are targeting Wychavon engineering businesses with a focus on supporting new apprenticeships and are seeing some successes (we have some really good businesses in this ward). Distance sub contact no longer seems to have the same appeal in terms of financial incentives and our Midlands quality at its best is second to none!

High technology farming supported by green energy sources and we are seeing the emergence of anaerobic digesters at Fladbury and Throckmorton and indeed a new solar farm and of course the new A44 roundabout

Across the ward many issues have arisen in terms of planning and I have taken a number of specific applications to the main planning committee and currently my success rate has been very good. In terms of grants whilst I no longer sit on the grants committee I have been able to advocate for play areas and the modernising of facilities - that work continues and is relevant to Cropthorne.

In my Spring Round Up I drew attention to social housing and homelessness, there has been some local matters and issues have been addressed or in progress. As you will know, some major changes came into place on 1st April with regard to welfare state payments. The one making the most headlines is the under occupancy tax which applies to social housing tenants who are of working age and in receipt of housing benefit

There are also changes in terms of the phasing in of the Universal credit and the introduction of a benefit cap. You may know of some concerned residents in our village or ward who would benefit from some advice and guidance on these changes IF SO they may wish to contact the Worcestershire shared service housing on 01905 822744 OR the WYCHAVON HOUSING NEEDS TEAM on 01386 565020

(other sources of information are local job centre or DWP website - www.dwp.gov.uk)

Tom McDonald

Wychavon District Council getting involved and helping residents through a collective energy switching deal

WDC have been looking at a collective switching deal. The scheme, which is offered by the company ichoosr, is a collective energy switching initiative and is open to everyone regardless of where they live. its easy to register an interest by providing details (including current gas and electricity supplier details), but people need to be signed up before Tuesday 9th April.

After this date ichoosr will know how many people are interested and hold a reverse auction.

Anyone interested must follow these simple rules:

To learn more go to: www.wychavon.gov.uk/switch, email switch@wychavon.gov.uk or call 01386 565103.

To read more about ichoosr, go to: www.ichoosr.com

Perhaps you may consider Its worth looking at signing up and see that you could potentially save!

Regards and in support

Cllr Tom McDonald Fladbury ward District Councillor

Note: copy as received

Spring Newsletter from Councillor Tom McDonald

Tom has sent us his latest newsletter, the Spring 2013 edition. You can read it here: Round Up (Spring edition)

New M&S Foodstore - coming soon!

Wychavon District Council Planning Committee give approval for a new M&S food store. The planning committee decided by a very large majority on Thursday 28th February to approve plans for a new Marks & Spencers Simply Food store on the outskirts of Evesham (opposite Tesco's and beside the Boots and Next stores).

Tom McDonald Fladbury Ward Wychavon District Councillor

Community Partnership to bring cheaper energy

Dear Colleague,
Community First are delighted be part of a community partnership which seeks to help households get a better energy deal through the power of collective buying called the Cheaper Energy Together partnership. The aim of this partnership is to help households get a better energy deal through the power of acting collectively: by grouping thousands of households together, its' possible to negotiate much lower energy deals than if an individual was changing supplier on their own. Everybody who signs up to the scheme will be offered the deal so they can see how much they stand to save compared to their existing energy deal. There is no obligation and absolutely no cost to take part.

As part of this national project, open to all UK households, there will be a particular focus on those facing fuel poverty, and those who have not switched before. Residents will be able to sign up online, on the phone, or at a series of local events over the next two months, before a big community switch is held in March.

It is hoped that this project will help us tackle some of the worse fuel poverty levels in England: In the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire fuel poverty affects over 32% of households, compared to the national average of just over 16%.

How it works
Most people are familiar with the idea of buying in bulk to get cheaper shopping, and for things like insurance and energy, it is usual to have to 'shop around' to save the most. Cheaper Energy Together combines bulk buying with shopping around to give people a really good deal. Almost 60% of all householders have never switched either gas or electricity supplier, and in 2010 only 15% of domestic gas customers and 17% of electricity customers switched. If you are interested you need to register via the website or freephone and in March a 'reverse auction' will take place to find the energy supplier which can offer the best deal to these households.

If you'd like to sign up for cheaper energy together, then visit www.cheaperenergytogether.org. Signing up is free, easy and there is no obligation.

You can also call the project free-phone helpline on 0800 888 6611.

And there is more good news to spread the benefits of bulk purchasing

As you are aware, Community First launched the Community Bulk Buying Scheme, at the end of last year, and we are now able to offer some free memberships to this scheme.

Our bulk oil buying project is going from strength to strength and already saving hard pressed families money on the heating oil bills. We are delighted that we have been able to set up a limited free membership offer. After all, the more people we have on board the stronger our negotiating power with the oil companies.

More information is available on www.comfirst.org.uk or ring us on 01432 267820.

S106 Money for Community Projects

Information from our District Councillor Tom McDonald

Taking advantage of Section106 (s106) money for community projects
There is more to financial support for community projects than just the New Holmes Bonus - but for those seeking matched funding via Section 106 (s106) money there have been a change of conditions. As I wish my residents to take full advantage of any such monies I have sought advice from Wychavon District Council officers Messrs Mr Giorgio Framalicco Head of Planning and Mr Jem Teal Community Development Manager to recap on what s106 money is about, its trigger mechanisms, the community project list and importantly highlight any changes that could affect such projects.

The development trigger for s106 Contributions
Basically s106 money is what developers pay to the council to support the 'infrastructure' required to support the new residents. s106 agreements can secure a variety of contributions and the triggers for these are normally based on the 'size' of the scheme. The trigger for these contributions would be a developer proposing a net gain of five or more dwellings, in terms of affordable housing the trigger would be different.

What can a parish council do to secure access to local developer's s106 contributions?
Firstly and related to what has already been given planning permission and built - Here a parish council could ask what has happened to any contributions for already built schemes and ask if there are any a) outstanding unspent money and b) outstanding money but allocated to a particular project. The link to that would be via our legal services.
Secondly, the parish could seek to influence what contributions arising from future development could be allocated to. This is something that our Community Development Manager Jem Teal and his team would welcome. If Jem is made aware of projects via the parish councils which fit the s106 regulations then he can keep this on a database and refer to the list in the event of a planning application in a parish.

The South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) and parish allocation
If the parish has a SWDP allocation (which has yet to gain planning permission) then it would be vital that the parish think about what they want to achieve in anticipation of the planning application. I do need to be clear that the scheme needs to be related to the impact of the development. The Community Development Manager has already set this issue out in more detail in a recent email to members and parish councils but basically the contribution needs to accommodate the additional impact that the new residents would have on an area.

Can s106 money be channelled into local community schemes rather than further afield?
This is where discussion between the parish council and the Community Development Manager on the community project list is essential. A developer will want to see exactly what his money is going towards - so he will need relevant community schemes which he can point to. However, in lots of cases he has no parish level intelligence and will depend on information he has about broader needs, perhaps focused on the leisure services available in nearby towns. If there is no evidence to justify a community contribution a developer could reasonably say that the lack of evidence means that no contribution is required at all. The next problem is that in identifying a scheme to justify the contribution, a developer is perfectly entitled to insist that the s106 agreement refers specifically to this project. Whilst legal services do a star job to try and make the spending of the contributions as flexible as possible - developers can insist on the specifics which mean that the money can only be spent on their scheme alone.

Community development s106 money as managed by WDC
As already stated, there may be no choice of what money is to be spent on if a developer has insisted on a specific project being part of the terms of s106 agreement. When there are no specific projects listed in the agreement within WDC can decide how to spend s106 money for strategically important and district wide improvements ("non-devolved" money) such as Leisure Centres, public open space - three categories, general, play and formal sport - the built sports environment, community buildings - such as village halls and public Art/Culture. There is an established process in place and applications for potential s106 spend that can be accessed by Parish Councils or community groups but there has been a change of emphasis on how such community development schemes are justified.

Change in emphasis - s106 monies are "not for broke but for need"
To successfully apply for an s106 contribution it must be justified by evidence of need (parish and neighbourhood plans are very valuable references). s106 can no longer be collected and used for 'general purposes' and certainly not be used to meet existing deficiencies as that would not meet the selection criteria demanded.

Typical examples that could be needs considered

(Recreation ground fencing, footpath maps/aids, speed guns, village green tidy up, maintenance of boundary walls would not fit into the selection criteria.)

Summary - s106 Community Projects
The council decides how to spend s106 money for strategically important and district wide improvements ("non-devolved" money). There is an established process in place and applications for potential s106 spend that can be accessed by Parish Councils or community groups. The criteria for community s106 contributions have changed, they are not an automatic right and need to be requested on the basis of selection criteria to ensure compliance against what is now known as the Community Infrastructure levy (CIL), evidenced in terms of need and used for a new and very specific purpose.

I fully acknowledge the support given to me by WDC officers in the preparation of this document, it is timely to review our community development projects and seek to get on the WDC list, If you have queries or see possible opportunities that are community need based please do contact the Wychavon Community Development Manager Mr Jem Teal (01386 565235) to discuss your project.

In support

19th February 2013

New Volunteering Opportunities

Home from Hospital

From the 1st April 2013, Age UK Herefordshire & Worcestershire will be delivering the Home From Hospital Service for older people in Worcestershire. The aim of the service is to support older people to adjust back to their day to day life after a stay in hospital, assisting them with a range of activities centred around their needs, these can include:

  1. Rebuilding their confidence
  2. Helping them to access services and support
  3. Carrying out shopping
  4. Making sure they attend follow up appointments
  5. Light cleaning
  6. Emotional support
  7. Helping sort through paperwork
  8. Ensuring that their heating is working etc

They are currently looking for volunteers who can offer a few hours per week (day time, evenings or weekends) to support older people in their own homes. We offer comprehensive training, personal development opportunities, peer support, social events and out of pocket expenses to all our volunteers and ensure that they are part of a proactive team focused on enhancing the quality of life of older people.

For more information please contact:

Liz Corrigan
Central Project Support and Administration
01905 740950 ext 117
Malvern Gate, Bromwich Road, Worcester, WR2 4BN

or have a look at their website at:



Early Help Links Event

Friday 15th February 2013 8.30am to 12noon, County Hall, Worcester

Join us at a FREE networking morning for organisations and individuals interested in becoming providers of Early Help services in Worcestershire - and partners interested in working with them. The morning will also include two discussion sessions on Procurement and Consortia - Good Practice lead by specialists in these areas. Networking events are an excellent way of raising your profile and making new Early Help contacts!

Please book your place in advance and as soon as possible by emailing us at earlyhelp@worcestershire.gov.uk.

For more information about our plans for Early Help in Worcestershire please visit www.worcestershire.gov.uk/earlyhelp or our pages on LinkedIn.

Early Help Programme Team
Worcestershire County Council

Warmer Worcestershire Grant Scheme

Having trouble keeping warm? Do you know someone who is?

The Warmer Worcestershire network is a partnership between public and voluntary sector organisations including Worcestershire County Council, district councils, public health, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Act on Energy and Age UK Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

The network aims to reduce fuel poverty and CO2 emissions in the County by delivering around the following objectives;

You may be able to get help with keeping your home, and yourself, warm this winter. Grants are available to insulate your home and the scheme can help you make the best use of energy - and your money! But you need to act quickly, applications have to be in by 25th January.

You can get more information from: http://www.warmerworcestershire.com - do it now!

Here is the Application Pack in PDF format to print out and fill in.

If you know someone who might benefit from this help, and who doesn't have internet for themselves, please pass this on to them.

South Worcestershire Development Plan

More building in your area? Find our what they are planning!

The South Worcestershire Development Plan Draft Submission Document will be available to view and comment on between the following dates:

Start date: 11/01/13 09:00
End date: 22/02/13 17:00

Please select the following link to view this event:

If the link appears to be broken (it is what we were given!), please try copying the entire link into the address bar on your web browser.

More information about this process is also shown on our SWDP Page.

Grants for Local Charities

WYCHAVON Community grants scheme

£50,000 up for grabs by voluntary and charitable groups. Includes all aspects of community life, community buildings, sports, arts, in fact any project that benefits your community, including people from different backgrounds or differing abilities and help to make lasting contribution to their local communities.

Contact Tracy Grubb
T: 01386 565168
E: tracy.grubb@wychavon.gov.uk www.wychavon.gov.uk/community-development

Or see more details HERE.

Carers in Worcestershire

Do you care for an elderly or disabled person, and need help?

Following recent personal experience in getting involved in caring for the "elderly" etc. WDC Cllr McDonald asked that the following be made widely known as he had found it a great help and comfort:-

CARERS ACTION WORCESTERSHIRE is a consortium comprised of:

Carers Careline, Room 1 Ecumenical Centre, 6 Evesham Wallk, Redditch B97 4EX
e: info@carers.careline.co.uk
w: www carerscareline
t: 01527 66177
Reg Charity 1106747

Crossroads Care Worcestershire, Weir Lane, Lower Wick, Worcester WR2 4AY
e: care@crossroads-worcestershire.org.uk
w: www.crossroads.org.uk/Worcestershire
t: 01905 729 293
Reg Charity 1110582

Worcestershire Association of Carers, Polysec House, Blackpolr Trading Est. West, Hindlip Lane, Worcester WR3 8TJ
e: mail@carersworcs.org.uk
w: www.carersworcs.org.uk
Reg Charity 1071850

(twitter@carersworcs and facebook.com/carersworcs)

Joint producers of 'carers action worcestershire - Caring News' magazine quarterly supported by WCC.

2012 Roundup

From Tom McDonald, our Conservative District Councillor.

"A difficult year but Wychavon District Council has continued to maintain local services."

You can read Tom's Full Report here.