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Cropthorne is located in Worcestershire, England, around 30 miles SW of Birmingham. We are a rural community of nearly 280 households, the population of around 640 ranging from pre-school children to retired folk. picture of Main Street
picture of St Michaels Church The village enjoys many amenities including St Michaels Church, a First School, the Village Hall and playing field, and a pub. We have easy access by private transport, although no bus service now, to the towns of Evesham and Pershore where frequent rail connections are available.

The Cropthorne Village Website has existed in this form since 1999 and has gained many new features over the years including pictures, menus, and improved layout. I wrote the code using a simple text editor with the intention that it would be quick to load and use only the most basic of web technologies and still maintain it that way.

Regulations now require that websites used by public bodies - like the Parish Council - have to be fully accessible to those who have certain disabilities. These requirements include facilities for users to change the colours used, the way that links are displayed and identified, the size of the text shown, and for the pages to be 'spoken' by screen readers.

Unfortunately it has not been possible to make simple changes to the code behind the pages to accomplish these features. In consequence I have decided to retire the website in its current form from the end of September. The Parish Council information has already been moved to a new website and other content will be removed or simplified in an orderly manner over the next few weeks.

It has been a pleasure to provide this service to our Village for almost 22 years.

A link to the new Parish Council Website is shown below.

Cropthorne Parish Council Website