Housing Development in Field Barn Lane


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The September Parish Council meeting was attended by a significant number of village residents who cane along in response to a flyer that had been posted through letter boxes. This outlined a proposal by Spa Housing Association to build 4 semi-detached two bedroom houses as Affordable Housing on the Croft. The identified plot is on Field Barn Lane adjacent to the existing homes.

This would be a substancial development involving a new entrance off the lane with a car park for 16 vehicles. A number of observations were made including the character of the development, the problems of access, the poor sewerage in the lane, and the limited power and telephone connectivity. More seriously, several residents were concerned about the additional traffic that would be generated and the road safety issues caused by vehicles entering and leaving the car park.

Our District Councillor explained that as yet no formal planning application had been received but a 'Consultation Process' would be set in motion shortly. This has now begun and is outlined in the poster below.

It is most important that the views of villagers, and particularly those residents who will be affected by the development, are made known to the District Council and we urge that people attend the consultation events that have been planned. The next event covering Cropthorne will be held in Evesham Town Hall on Wednesday 9th November from 2PM to 8PM.

You may also contact us through the email form on this website.

More information about these events is here. Note: this is a large file and may take several minutes to download. It will open in a new window.

New Information

The District Council has now responded with details of the Housing Needs Survey carried out in Cropthorne in 2007, an assessment of housing needs in the District, and an estimate of current demand for affordable housing in Cropthorne.

The indication is that there is a local need for the proposed development, at least in part but it is important that we get a clearer picture - please respond! Please also remember the consultation meeting at Evesham Town Hall on 9th November.

For The full report from the District Council, click here.

Minutes of the recent PC Meetings:

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