Housing Development in Field Barn Lane

Parish Council of Cropthorne has called a PARISH MEETING At the Village Hall On Tuesday 20th March 2012 At 7:30pm To consult on:

WDC 'revised' planning application W/11/02345/PN for 8 affordable houses in Field Barn Lane (north-west) following WDC Planning Committee to reject objections concerning Access & Infrastructure but requesting that a more suitable design be submitted after due local consultation.

To include:-
Re-siting of houses to line up with the lane and neighbouring properties.

The reduction in the size of the fronts to accommodate the above and move 6 of 16 car spaces to between the properties.

Suitability of the mix in the Plan of having 4 (2x2) 3 bedroom 5 person houses, 2 (2x1) 2 bedroom 4 person houses and (2X1) 2 bedroom 3 person bungalows.

And any other items of interest concerning the site/application etc.

Residents are encouraged to respond to this planning application via the WDC website (www.wychavon.gov.uk) or in visiting/writing to Planning Services, WDC, Civic Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive, PERSHORE WR10 1PT.

Architects Final Proposal (PDF)