Sand and Gravel Extraction - Background

We can hardly fail to notice (until the recent Corona Virus outbreak) the rapid increase in building around our villages. All these new houses need huge supplies of materials to be sourced, like sand for mortar and gravel for concrete, and this has to come out of the ground somewhere. Our location, with the river close by, has underlying beds of these minerals that contractors would like to exploit. There are several potential sites around Cropthorne, Charlton, Fladbury, Lower Moor and Wick that are being eyed up by extraction companies.

Apart from the quarrying operations, and all the disruption and disturbance that will result, every day up to 50 heavy lorry movements will be needed to transport the sand and gravel away from the site through our villages. Any plant or equipment needed for the minerals extraction processes will have to be brought in by road through our villages. What will the countryside around the villages look like after years of work - will the contractors restore the environment as it was before their operations?

Worcestershire County Council has a Local Minerals Plan which identifies these sites and have opened a consultation process. Do we want the extra traffic including large lorries, dust, noise etc that comes with mineral extraction? Don't be fooled by offers of playground equipment or a new bus shelter that might be dangled like a carrot in front of our eyes, or promises of financial inducements if we support their plans! Our District and County councillors should be on our side, and we hope that they will represent the best interests of the majority of residents in our villages, not just the few who may benefit from the sale of their land or the granting of extraction rights at the expense of OUR environment. We hope our elected representatives will not place the execution of a centrally directed plan above our wellbeing and the legacy we pass on to our children and grandchildren.

We will try to present the information that becomes available to us through this web site. Please make your views known to your Parish Councils, they cannot act with the voice of the village if you don't give that voice to them!

Here are some starting points to find out more - there is a quick route from the front page of this website where new information will be added.