Neighbourhood Watch Notices 2014

Following a problem with access to the website, we had been unable to update this page however all is working again! Below you will find all the Warning Notices received for 2014 and the Crime Notices from August, older ones being now out of date.

The maintainers of this website would like to thank the Team and the Police for their reports and diligence over the past year, and Alan for keeping us informed.

Notice 17, 11/10. Crime Prevention Advice for Heating Oil Tanks

It is that time of year again when the weather gets colder, the nights gets darker and everyone tends to spend a lot of time indoors. It is also that time of year when people order heating oil to get them through the winter. The purpose of the advice is to give you a few ideas about what can be done to make life more difficult for the thief.

Where can you put the tank?

The position of the tank can have a significant effect on how hard a target it is in the eyes of the thief:


A good thief will come equipped with a limited range of tools to attack your tank so its worth spending a little more on good quality locks. Close shackle padlocks are the best as they offer most resistance to the most popular of burglar tools - the bolt cropper. Due to their design, close shackle padlocks have very little of the metal hoop (shackle) exposed and bolt croppers cannot get a good grip.


Remote electronic oil level gauges are now available which will set off an audible alarm if the oil level in the tank suddenly drops or falls below a quarter full. These gauges can be located in the kitchen or perhaps a utility room to warn of any potential problem. There are two or three different versions on the market at the moment and cost between £70 and £100.

Security lighting

Security lights can have a very positive effect and make any property a much harder target for the thief. Low energy "dusk 'til dawn" lights positioned close to the tank should provide sufficient light to illuminate any suspicious activity. This type of light can be both effective and inexpensive. High powered lights can be used but care should be taken not to cause any nuisance to neighbours or road users.

Defensive Planting

This is natures way of helping to reduce crime. Thieves will not wish to force their way through or over a prickly hedge. The smallest trace of blood or shred of ripped clothing could help the police identify the offender. Prickly shrubs and bushes can, if planted around your tank, provide an effective and decorative thief proof barrier. Remember that there are regulations covering the distance such planting must be from the tank.


Fences and walls can also make life difficult for the thief. A wooden or metal fence, trellis or wall can give significant protection to the tank but it must be remembered that the oil tanker driver will need access to fill the tank. A metal grill or cage with a lockable access point across the top of this wall or fence can further improve security. Fences made from combustible material, such as wood, must not be placed too close to the tank.


The use of CCTV as a crime prevention and a crime detection tool has grown massively in recent years. It could play a part in the protection of oil tanks but before you spend lots of money on equipment make an assessment of your needs. Ask yourself:

Good neighbour agreement

Some fuel companies offer a good neighbour agreement in which you and your neighbours can get fuel delivered at the same time. This not only could be cheaper for all the properties involved but you have a set date in which the fuel will be delivered. This means, if you see a tanker delivering fuel outside of these dates you may well think there is something suspicious. And this can work the other way too and allows your neighbours to be vigilant when you are away from your property.

If you notice tankers or large vehicles close to your property - take down any details if you think they may be suspicious and report to the police. Regardless how minor you might think the information is, please let them know, call 101.

Notice 16, 10/10. Crime Reports (local area only)

0605S071014 - School Lane, Middle Littleton. Between 2200 & 0730 a shed was broken into & a green petrol lawnmower & tool box containing spanners were stolen.
0354S071014 - Highfield Road, Evesham. Between 1000 & 1200 6/10 some strips of aluminium approx 4.5" wide & 4-5' long were stolen from the side of a house.
0125S071014 - Main Street, South Littleton. Between 1730 & 0915 a garage was entered & a Bosch angle grinder, screwdriver set, socket set & 8ltr weed sprayer were stolen.
0073S071014 - Harvard Ave, Honeybourne. Between 0615 & 0750 a blue & silver Pulse moped vrm WJ12 YMD was stolen from the driveway of a property.
0174S061014 - Brewers Lane, Badsey. Between 1300 & 0830 a Ford New Holland tractor vrm M565 KEA was stolen from a yard.
0067S061014 - Pebworth First School, School Road, Pebworth. Between 1800 3/10 & 0730 6/10 2 x Dell monitors, 2 x keyboards, 4 x ipad power leads & a laptop were stolen.
0057S061014 - Kings Road, Evesham. Between 1930 & 0630 both number plates were stolen from a silver Volvo vrm Y229 WGC.
0453S051014 - Pennylands Bank, Broadway. Between 1600 & 1620 a window was smashed on a vehicle whilst parked in a gateway to a field. A pair of walking boots and a chocolate cake were stolen.
0180S051014 - Withy Trees Road, South Littleton. Between 2300 & 0900 an Elddis Wisp caravan was stolen from a layby.
0435S041014 - Cleeve Road, Middle Littleton. Between 1900 & 0700 a vehicle was entered and a Husqvarna orange colour, chainsaw & a Stihl petrol leaf blower were stolen.
0448S031014 - Blacksmiths Close, South Littleton. Between 2320 2/10 & 0645 3/10 a vehicle was broken into whilst parked on the driveway and a miniature Minocular, miniature binocular Lecia black case, Gerber multitool limited edition in black velco case, LED magnilite in a black case with a belt hook & shooting sticks in a green case were stolen.
0070S061014 - Pershore Airfield, Long Lane, Throckmorton. Between 1200 4/10 & 0530 6/10 the curtain on a lorry was cut and 147 cases of spider chocolate eggs, 13 cases of spider candy & 16 cases of strawberry laces were stolen. A second lorry had a curtain cut but nothing was stolen.
0298S041014 - The Chicken Farm, Beckford. Between 1130 27/9 & 1100 4/10 a storage shed was broken into and a Jaguar X-type vrm: BD02 BOJ was stolen.
0080S031014 - Allens Hill, Pinvin. Between 2130 1/10 & 0400 2/10 a shed was entered and 2 x Stihl saws, 1 orange & 1 white, were stolen.
0502S021014 - Wadborough Hall Farm, Wadborough. Between 1700 & 0600 the ratchet straps on a DAF low loader were cut and a Bomag road roller was stolen.

Notice 15, 09/10. Autumnal Crime Prevention Advice

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to the summer and with nights drawing in it is time to reassess our home security. Ensuring your home appears occupied is a great deterrent against burglary. With the evenings getting darker earlier, consider advising members of simple measures they can take to make their homes look occupied in the early evening before they get home from work. Timer switches for lamps and radios can make a home appear occupied especially when it starts to get dark.

Have you considered asking a trusted neighbour to park their car outside your home or on your drive whilst you are away? Favours such as this can be returned, all helping to make properties appear occupied and making you and your neighbours less vulnerable.

Crimes could have been avoided if basic crime prevention methods are taken, such as:

Please use the summary as a prompt to advise your members of whatever crime prevention methods are relevant. They need to make things as difficult for thieves as possible whether they are opportunist or otherwise.

Please can we all remember that we live in a very low crime area, however, you may wish to view details for the number of crimes that have occurred in your areas. These figures are available on the new national website, where you can search for your area and view of the different incidents that have taken place over a particular period.

Police And Trading Standards Urge Residents To Be Aware Of Cold Calling

Police and Trading Standards are urging residents to be aware of cold calling. Such incidents involve cold callers approaching homeowners and offering to carry out gardening works or home repairs. Victims of cold calling can be charged a significant amount of money, sometimes a lot more than the initially agreed price, for a small amount of work.

Residents are advised not to buy services from unsolicited callers at the door. If you are looking for a trader to carry out work on your property then you can look for a trader using County Council Trader Registers which are run by Trading Standards.

Since July 2013, when agreeing a contract in their home, consumers are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period. A trader must provide specific information about your rights to cancel in writing and also ensure that you have the correct name and address for the trader.

For information about your rights or to report a rogue trader please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service (CACS) on 03454 04 05 06. CACS provides first line advice on Trading Standards issues.

To check the Trading Standards Trader Register please go online or call 01905 822799 for more information.

Notice 14, 06/10. Raising Awareness of Cyber Crime

A cyber security expert has praised West Mercia Police for their proactive work in raising awareness of the growing threat posed by internet fraudsters.

Tony Dyhouse, a cyber security consultant and former director of the Cyber Security Knowledge Transfer Network, will give the keynote speech at a major cyber crime conference being staged by the alliance in partnership with the University of Worcester. Speaking ahead of the event, which took place on Monday 8th September, Mr Dyhouse said: "The police face an enormous and growing challenge in trying to protect the citizen from cyber crime. You can’t expect everyone to be an expert but you can give everyone a general awareness of some of the more simple crimes and that’s what these events do."

Leading experts in cyber crime will come together for the day long conference, which will feature talks from educators, law enforcement and businesses. The audience will test and improve their knowledge by taking part in a quiz and workshop and there will also be a "Question Time" - style debate involving the panel of experts. The event is designed to increase awareness of this growing type of crime and to develop partnership working to tackle it. It comes soon after a similar event hosted by Coventry University in conjunction with the alliance in May. The audience will be made up of a range of invited guests including educators, businesses, the police and public bodies.

Mr Dyhouse said: "It's important that we educate and raise the awareness of everyone; from individual citizen's right up to the largest business and everything in between. Cyber security threats are everywhere and vary in complexity from very simple to extremely complicated, and we’re all potential targets. The people that actually launch these threats communicate between themselves and are very well organised. It is only fair that in trying to defend ourselves against this sort of threat that we do the same and we discuss ways of handling them. An awful lot of attacks are successful simply because they persuade us to do certain actions that we should not do. By being able to talk about this in an almost social setting it enables us to realise, understand and practise some of the more obvious means of avoiding becoming a victim. What I like about the events that the police are setting up is the hard work and dedication that they are putting into them and I applaud the interactive sessions – they are really important to get people working together."

Phishing e-mails remain one of the most predominant methods of cyber attack, said Mr Dyhouse, who urged people not to be confused by the word "cyber".

"We talk about cyber crime but it is just crime. It’s the same old crimes being committed in a new way. It's still theft or fraud, but being committed online. It's a growing threat. The profits outstrip those of the drug trade so it’s a lucrative activity but with much less risk of being caught.

"Our dependency on online transactions is set to grow. There's more of us that do our shopping online and our banking transactions online, so citizens are becoming more dependent on online services - that means that there is a bigger opportunity for fraudsters and organised crime," he added.

Detective Chief Inspector Sean Paley, from Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police specialist operations unit, said: "We are committed to raising awareness of cyber crime and this event is a very effective way of doing that. Research has shown that many losses are preventable with some simple steps around anti-virus and people keeping vigilant about how they use the internet. Updating software and anti-virus systems can prevent people falling victim and it is really important to have the latest security software installed on computers to enable safe shopping and banking online.

"Basic information risk management can prevent around 80 per cent of cyber attacks suffered by businesses, for example."

The number of regional cyber crime units has been increased across the country and Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police work closely with the one established in the West Midlands. The alliance also has a dedicated Economic Crime Unit which contains fraud investigators who are able to provide specialist investigation services in relation to major, serious and complex fraud. Up to 70 per cent of frauds can be cyber-enabled, compared to around 40 per cent five or so years ago.

The Home Office's Streetwise campaign provides safety tips for businesses and home computer users, including 10 steps to cyber security,

Victims of fraud or anyone suspecting they may have fallen victim, should contact Action Fraud at or call 0300 123 2040.

Notice 13, 02/10. Crime Reports (local area only)

0095S021014 - Lime Street, Evesham. Between 1200 30/9 & 1830 1/10 a shed was broken into. A B&Q 240v drill, Ryobi cordless 18v drill with batteries and charge station were stolen.
0055S011014 - Blacksmiths Close, South Littleton. Between 0230 & 0300 the window on a vehicle was smashed & various tools were stolen.
0422S300914 - St James Church, High Street, Badsey. Between 0830 & 1610 someone entered the Church & broke off a brass candle holder which was attached to one of the pews.
0304S300914 - Trinity Close, Evesham. Between 2200 29/09 & 0030 30/09 - 3 bikes were stolen from front garden of a property.
0300S300914 - Main Street, Bretforton. Between 2000 29/09 & 1230 30/09 - 16 weights were stolen from a tractor, each weight weighs 55kgs.
0251S300914 - Layby, Stratford Road, Harvington. Between 1249 28/9 & 0900 30/9 both number plates were stolen from a vehicle whilst parked in the lay-by.
0089S300914 - Hoden Lane, Cleeve Prior. Between 1730 29/09 & 30/09 0800 - Both number plates were stolen from a vehicle. Part of the rear plate was left on the vehicle.
0063S300914 - Farm, Sheriffs Lench. Between 2300 29/09 & 30/09 0645 – A workshop was broken into and a Polaris quad bike was stolen, vrm BX13 GVU.
0051S300914 - Main Street, Cleeve Prior. Between 1800 29/09 & 0700 30/09 - A vehicle was entered and a black iPod Classic 32GB was stolen. Also another vehicle was entered between 1550 & 0700 and £1 coin stolen from ashtray. Also between 1550 & 0700 a vehicle was entered & a Garmin sat Nav & wallet was stolen. Between 1930 & 0627 another vehicle was entered and cash, a pair of leather horse riding gloves, a coat, a read handled electric screwdriver & an Audi key were stolen.
0273S280914 - Church Street, Evesham. Between 2100 27/08 & 29/08 1100 - Both number plates were stolen from a motor vehicle.
0455S270914 - Offenham Park, Offenham. Between 1200 21/9 & 2000 26/9 a gas bottle was stolen from a caravan. The chain was cut as well as the hose, to remove it. Also Between 0900 6/9 & 2150 26/9 another caravan had the gas bottle stolen by the same means.
0258S270914 - Littleton Village Hall. Between 1200 26/09 & 27/09 0930 a red aluminium sandwich board with South Littleton Village Hall on it was stolen from the grass bank outside.
0402S260914 - Newtown, Offenham. Between 1000 & 1100 26/09 a property was broken into and cash was stolen.
0084S260914 - Shinehill Lane, South Littleton. Between 2200 25/09 & 26/09 0700 a garage was broken into and a black & red SMS RAM quad bike, VU53 CUC and a red Kawasaki off-road (which was later found) & hedge strimmers & remote control petrol cars were stolen.
0374S250914 - Farm, Stockwood. Between 1800 18/9 & 1500 25/9 the electric fence batteries including energiser were stolen from a field.
0068S021014 - Allenshill, Pinvin. Between 1730 01/10 & 02/10 0630 business premises were broken into and a Dewalt 9in saw, Makita 4in sander, Dewalt 18v drill with battery & case, Hitachi router, Dewalt radio, Milwauke drill, angle grinder, circular saw, drill bits & masonry bits, brand new pair of work boots & 10 packs of tobacco were stolen.
0056S011014 - Sebright Close, Pershore. Between 2000 29/9 & 1530 30/9 a Carrera Detonate 24, black in colour, was stolen from the side of a property.
0180S300914 - Evesham Road, Wick. Between 1600 26/9 & 0900 27/9 8 x 47 kg calor gas bottles (red in colour) were stolen from a metal barn.
0587S290914 - Mill Lane, Pershore. Between 1200 & 1205 29/09 a Stihl petrol leaf blower was stolen from the rear of a vehicle whilst parked up.
0543S290914 - Bishampton Fields, Bishampton. Between 1800 28/9 & 1200 29/9 approx 400 - 500 litres of healing oil was stolen from a tank in the back garden of a property.
0127S290914 - Keytec East, Wyre Road, Pershore. Between 1600 26/9 & 0800 29/9 2 plant batteries from 2 diggers and a cement mixer were stolen from a site.
0082S290914 - Main Street, Pinvin. At 2150 27/9 a Mansomes trailer was stolen. The wheel lock & chain were cut away and the trailer was removed through a field then dragged along to an exit gate near to a public house.
0132S260914 - Evesham Road, Fladbury. Between 2200 25/09 & 26/09 0600 a farm shop & tearoom was broken into. The tip bag, a donations box for a local school and some bottles of beer were stolen.
0092S260914 - Manor Lane, Little Comberton. Between 1900 & 0700 an outbuilding was broken into. A blue & white Zastava 29" frame mountain bike, a red, black & white 29"frame mountain bike, a silver, black & red 26" wheels 14" frame mountain bike, John Deere green & yellow lawn mower tractor, 2 wood burners; brand new still in the boxes, a wheelbarrow, yellow Dewalt drill, 2 orange & black drills, Stihl orange chainsaw, 2 x blue chopsaws, safety helmet, Bosch green handsaw, Draper blue compressor, large blue socket set with "Top This Side" written on the top & 3 extension leads with "Gill" on the leads were stolen.
0723S250914 - Social Club, Beckford. Between 2330 & 2355 the social club was broken into and the safe containing cash was stolen.

If you saw anything, please notify West Mercia Police on 101

Notice 12, 25/09. Crime Reports (local area only)

0165S250914, Norval Crescent, Offenham. Between 0830 & 1630 24/9 a property was burgled. A Samsung tablet & charger and a Lloyd’s debit card were stolen.
0242S240914, Trinity Close, Evesham. Between 1215 & 1315 23/9 a ladies blue Raleigh Dynamo cycle with a rusty basket on the front was stolen from the front garden of a property.
0078S240914, Allotments, Blacksmiths Lane, South Littleton.Between 0000 12/9 & 1700 23/9 a couple of kilos of basket tree willow & 12ft x 15ft of Myplex sheeting was stolen. An apple tree was uprooted & damaged when some more Myplex sheeting was cut around plants to remove it.
0633S230914, Tesco Express, Cheltenham Rd, Evesham. Between 0745 & 1730 a GT mountain bike, blue & silver in colour, was stolen from the outside of the store.
0539S230914, Morrisons, Springfield Drive, Evesham. Between 1615 & 1630 a Voodoo BMX bike, black & gold in colour, was stolen from outside the store.
0452S230914, Northwick Road, Evesham. Between 1400 & 1700 21/9 an Apple Ipad, white, in a thick pink case with round window shape in the middle, was stolen from a wall outside a property.
0196S230914, All Saints Church, Market Place, Evesham. Between 1018 & 1100 22/9 money was stolen from the collections box at the front of the church.
0516S240914, Beckford. Between 0850 & 1730 a jacket was stolen from the washing line at a property. The jacket is a Boden knee length, single breasted, brown in colour with floral pattern, size 8.

If you saw anything, please notify West Mercia Police on 101

Notice 11, 23/09. Crime Reports (local area only)

0112S170914, Honeybourne Rd, Bretforton. Within the past 10 days of report 17th Sept diesel was siphoned from a combine harvester.
0318S160914, SHINE HILL LANE, SOUTH LITTLETON. Between midnight and midday on 16th Sept - Theft of two motorbikes occurred and taken from a secure garage, both the padlocks were cut through with a bolt cutter. The garage is attached to the house. Other items taken included a strimmer and 2 Stihl hedge cutters
0716S180914, ST JOHNS THE BAPTIST CHURCH, BECKFORD. Between 08:00-19:00hrs 18th Sept caused damage to a scale model in attempt to gain access to a cash box which activated the alarm.
0370S180914, Farmland -WOODMANCOTE, DEFFORD. Between 11:00 17th Sept & 09:00 18th Sept a metal padlock was forced off a gate to a field containing cattle. The gates lead to a nearby road on a blind bend which is dangerous should the cattle wonder out.
0244S180914, PARK FARM, OVERBURY, TEWKESBURY. Between 13th Sept a.m. and 18th Sept an IFOR WILLIAMS trailer was stolen. The trailer was kept in the top yard in an open front building and locked secure with a wheel clamp. Twin deck, twin axle, galvanised, stock trailer, serial number 0378122. Displaying plate bearing VO62GLJ
0673S160914, PENINSULA ROAD, NORTON. Between midnight and 0630hrs 16th Sept a catalytic convertor has been stolen off a vehicle.
0352S160914, SPETCHLEY, WORCESTER. Between 12:45-14:00hrs 16th Sept - Access was gained to a property through a window and a laptop was stolen.
0452S150914, WELLINGTON LODGE CLOSE, BREDON. TEWKESBURY. Sometime during the weekend of 13th Sept a spare wheel from under a pick up and the aluminium side boards were stolen.
0219S120914, St Peters, Grafton Flyford, Worcester. Between Sunday 7th Sept and Monday 8th Sept - A decorative door hinge from the front main wooden door to the church has been taken. Hand beaten forge iron purpose made hinge that is over 200yr old. Door is covered by a porch and from the road the hedge hides the main doors.
0238S110914, DUCKS BROOK ALLOTMENTS, CHERRY ORCHARD, ST PETERS GRAFTON FLYFORD. Reported 11th Sept at some point during the previous week a shed was broken into and damage also caused.
0074S080914, Business premises - HINTON ON THE GREEN, EVESHAM. 1600HR X 0800HR 5th Sept there was an unsuccessful attempt break in at agricultural premises. Damage was caused to the roof of the premises.

If you saw anything, please notify West Mercia Police on 101

Notice 10, 07/09. Crime Reports (local area only)

0612S220914, Barn Premise, Peartree Corner, Willersey Road, Between 16th Sept 1700HRS & 22nd Sept 0830HRS. A tractor battery was removed from the underneath a tractor.
0148S220914, INCHES LANE, EVESHAM Between 0900 21st Sept and 0830 22nd Sept, a ride on lawn mower was stolen.
0655S210914, COMMON ROAD, EVESHAM Between 2330HRS 20th Sept -1100HRS 21st Sept, a post box was ripped off the wall near to the main entrance of flats
0211S210914, Croft Rd, Evesham Between 20th Sept 2300-0645hrs 21st Sept, a White Audi vehicle was stolen with the keys following a burglary at the address.
0004N190914, Kings Rd, Evesham, 19th Sept, around 2200hrs an Iphone was removed from an unlocked vehicle.
0125S190914, Bewdley Lane, Evesham Between 2100hrs 15th Sept & 19th Sept 1645hrs, two child scooters were stolen from the back garden
0269S220914, Fladbury Lock, Fladbury, Pershore, Between 1800hrs Sept -1730hrs 21st Sept, the theft of a dinghy from Fladbury lock occurred. The dinghy was at the rear of a storage shed at the lock. The dinghy was on its side, tied to some hooks at the back of the building. The only description available at present: 8ftx4ft glass reinforced plastic dinghy with a flat bottom.
0706S180914, Workshop Near /Witts End, Chadbury, Evesham. Between 1800hrs 17th Sept-1800hrs 18th Sept, unknown persons broke into a workshop, a number of tools were stolen.
0331S200914, St Peters Church, Manor Lane, Little Comberton 20th Sept 1400hrs, a male was seen inside the church kicking the harvest festival food about. Description: Large built man, wearing a cap, big black rucksack on a push bike with big panniers. SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) are dealing.
0129S220914, Company Premises, KEMPTON ROAD, PERSHORE. Between 1200 20th Sept and 0830 22nd Sept, two vehicles were broken into.
0084S220914, Rebecca Road, Pershore During the night of Saturday 20th Sept, a break occurred at a site, a double oven and extractor fan was taken.
0684S180914, High St, Pershore. Between 17:30-18:00hrs 18th Sept a vehicle parked was keyed along the off side causing damage to it.

If you saw anything, please notify West Mercia Police on 101

Notice 9, 28/08. Crime Reports (local area only)

0495S270814 - Offenham Road, Evesham. Between 0800 & 1640 a shed was broken into and 2 x 4.5 inch skill saws, 9" angle grinder, chainsaw & hedgecutter were stolen. Also a small pile of lead scraps was stolen from the garden.
0327S270814 - Village Hall, Dormston. Between 1600 & 1330 both number plates were stolen from a vehicle, vrn BT54 BGF.
0143S260814 - Hinton Road, Childswickham. Between 1800 20/8 & 0900 21/8 a property currently being refurbished was broken into and an Erbauer DSD 36v drill & Titan breaker were stolen.
0342S250714 - Abbey Vale, Offenham Road, Evesham. Between 1800 21/8 & 1100 22/8 a new build house was broken into and 5 floor standing units, 3 wall mounted units & 2 worktops were stolen.
050S240814 - Charity Crescent, Evesham. Between 1430 & 1600 both number plates were stolen from a vehicle, vrn DU54 CVL.
0227S240814 - Leamington Road, Broadway. Between 1300 & 1600 a 'Bishops' chair was stolen from the church.
0199S230814 - Cheltenham Road, Broadway. Between 1700 27/7 & 1230 23/8 a horse trailer was entered and a Tom Tom sat nav and a small monitor for cctv were stolen.
0150S230814 - Alcester Road, Radford. Between 1800 21/8 & 0800 23/8 an outbuilding was entered and a Stihl strimmer & Stihl chainsaw were stolen.
0235S220814 - Newtown, Offenham. Between 1900 & 1000 an outbuilding was broken into and a Mounfield Empress petrol lawnmower, green petrol mower (make unknown) and a red jerry can containing 20 ltrs of unleaded petrol were stolen.
0495S210814 - Worcester Road, Evesham. Between 2100 & 0600 a catalytic converter was stolen from a van and an attempt was made to steal a second from another van whilst parked in car parking space in filling station.
0176S280814 - Worcester Road, Drakes Broughton. Overnight two vehicles were broken into. A Pioneer SH-X700 BT radio & a radio cd player were stolen from the dashboards. Cash & Auto Glym cleaning products were also stolen.
0181S280814 - Hawbridge, Stoulton. Between 1500 & 1015 a shed was broken into and a Makita electric drill & hedge trimmer were stolen.
0089S280814 - St Agathas Road, PershorBetween 2030 & 0700 a van was broken into and power tools were stolen.
0443S250814 - Chapel Lane, Wyre Piddle. Between 0700 19/8 & 1430 24/8 a property was burgled and cash was stolen, a violin case was damaged.
0165S240814 - Long Lane, Throckmorton. Between 1830 & 0730 two metal containers were broken into and a Honda TRX-300 quad bike, Suzuki Orzak quad bike, (both have trays for carrying items), 2 Stihl chainsaws, Stihl strimmer, Stihl hedgecutter, harness for a strimmer and harness for a hedgecutter were stolen.
0197S230814 - Beckford. Between 2300 & 0800 a large green metal oil tank was stolen from the rear garden of a property.

If you saw anything, please notify West Mercia Police on 101

Notice 8, 02/08. Crime Reports (local area only)

0159S210814 - Lime Street, Evesham. A catalytic converter was stolen from a van overnight.
0093S210814 - Clarks Hill Rise, Evesham. Between 2100 & 0815 a catalytic converter was stolen from a van.
0252S200814 - Charity Crescent, Evesham. Between 1100 & 1154 a vehicle was broken into and an HP Elite book 2570P laptop was stolen.
0346S190814 - Mearse Farm Lane, Inkberrow. Between 1800 15/8 & 0900 19/8 6 chainsaws were stolen from a shed. They are a Stihl 026, Stihl 023, Stihl 017, Stihl MS020, Stihl MS200T & Husqvarna.
0278S190814 - Badsey Fields Lane, Evesham. Between 0900 6/8 & 0900 16/8 a Honda lawnmower was stolen from a shed.
0142S190814 - Newtown, Offenham. Stables were broken into that are used for storage. 3 petrol strimmers an Ibea petrol lawnmower, red in colour, and compressor were stolen.
0106S180814 - Common Road, Evesham. Between 1630 & 0830 the locked fuel cap on a vehicle was broken off and diesel was stolen.
0624S170814 - Long Marston Road, Pebworth. Between 1210 & 1610 a house was broken into. A gents Rolex watch with silver bracelet with a gold band running through the bracelet and a blue face, a Seiko silver dive master, yellow gold face, 52" Panasonic TV, 26" Technika TV, boule set and diamond earring inset with emerald were stolen.
0443S170814 - Car Park, Fish Hill, Broadway. Between 1200 & 1240 a vehicle was broken into and a small cream canvas bag containing house & car keys and some food was stolen.
0403S170814 - St James Drive, Evesham. Between 1330 15/8 & 1400 17/8 both number plates were stolen from WU56 PYW whilst parked in the car park.
0248S160814 - Back Lane, Broadway. Between 0930 & 1900 a 75' expandable hose and the bracket it was on were stolen from communal garden area.
0296S150814 - Broadway Road, Evesham. Between 1200 & 1245 750 litres of red diesel were stolen from a combine harvester whilst in the field.
0143S150814 - The Strand, Charlton.Between 2230 & 0900 a public house was broken into and cash was stolen.
0126S150814 - Sheriffs Lench. Between 2000 29/6 & 0849 15/8 firstly a 47kg orange gas cylinder was stolen and then its replacement was also stolen which had been chained to the wall.

If you saw anything, please notify West Mercia Police on 101

Notice 7, 10/07. Security Alert Over Bogus Council Tax Calls

West Mercia Police are reminding residents never to disclose details about their security, bank accounts or other personal information to ‘cold callers' over the phone. The alert comes after reports were received from residents of North Worcestershire who had received cold telephone calls from people advising that they can offer a service to reduce Council Tax. The telephone calls may appear genuine and they may know the address and phone number of the people they are targeting. They will also have access to Council Tax band information and may know other personal details. The phone calls have been requesting for a representative to visit the targeted address and verify the householder.

To protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud:

Fraud and identity theft is one of the fastest growing areas of crime and occurs when your personal information is used by someone else without your knowledge. PC Chris Bell said: "There are many scams around which involve unsuspecting members of the public receiving calls at home which they were not expecting. Often identity theft is the underlying aim and by giving out personal information it is all too easy to become a victim of this.

"Our message is very simple - do not give personal details, and especially not bank details, in response to telephone calls from people you do not know."

If there is any doubt over your Council Tax Band please call the Valuation Office Agency on 03000 501501 or visit

Any incidents can be reported to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Visit: for more information.

Any incidents involving persons stating they will be attending your address should be reported to West Mercia Police on 101.

Notice 6, 04/07. Another Warning About Banking Scams

West Mercia Police and Warwickshire Police are warning people to be aware, after an elderly lady was conned into transferring nearly £100,000 from her bank account. The woman aged 89, from Atherstone in Warwickshire, was called by people posing as bank officials and officers from the Metropolitan Police. They told her there was a problem with her bank, which the police were investigating and she was tricked into transferring the money "to be safe".

DCI Sean Paley from Warwickshire and West Mercia Police said "This was a very callous and deliberate targeting of a vulnerable lady that forms part of a series of such crimes across the country. Whilst people are generally aware of such scams, these criminals target vulnerable members of the community. I would urge people to talk to close friends and relatives who they think could be at risk."

Remember to ensure callers are genuine, and be wary of calls out of the blue. Never give out your personal details until you are certain that the caller is legitimate.

If you receive any suspicious calls or have any information on these types of scams, please contact police on 101.

If you want to give information without giving your name you can also call the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit their website

Further advice and support on avoiding scams can be sought the Action Fraud website:

Notice 5, 07/05. Police Warning About Telephone Banking Scams

Police in Warwickshire and West Mercia are continuing to warn people to be on their guard against telephone fraudsters trying to obtain bank cards or account details.

The warning follows four new incidents in the region where people have been targeted by callers claiming to be a police officer from London. But in three of the cases, the would-be victims realised it was a scam and ended the call and told police. And in the fourth incident, there were concerns £45,000 had been transferred to a false account but quick action limited the loss to £100.

Chief Inspector Andy Milne said today similar attempted scams had been reported in many parts of the country in recent months, including Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire.

"Fortunately, the message is getting through and people are far more aware now that fraudsters are phoning up in an attempt to persuade people to divulge their bank details.

"Usually, they say bank accounts have been compromised and the person needs to immediately report the matter to their bank to open a new account. But the caller does not put the phone down their end and when the victim attempts to call their bank a few minutes later, they are unwittingly speaking to the fraudster pretending to be a bank employee."

He said four such calls had been reported this week - all in Shropshire - and in three instances, the caller claimed to be a police officer from Hammersmith. "The caller’s usual ploy is to say a man has been arrested with a cloned card which has compromised their bank card or account.

"These fraudsters can be very persuasive and usually target elderly or vulnerable people. However, recent publicity has helped make people more aware and fewer are actually falling victim. However, everyone needs to remain vigilant and should never divulge personal financial details over the phone to anyone calling them. Should they receive calls urging them to contact their bank, call the police and if you do contact your bank for reassurance, use a different phone in case the fraudster has kept the line open waiting to intercept your call."

In the past, victims have had their bank accounts emptied or the offender has instructed the victim to withdraw money from their account and arranges for a taxi or courier to collect the cash or their bank cards for "safe keeping" and further investigation by the alleged fraud team.

Chief Inspector Milne added: "The police investigate all reports but it is absolutely vital people are aware what’s happening and do not give personal or financial details to strangers who either phone them or come to their home."

The following advice will help protect people from falling victim:

Notice 4, 07/05. Don't Invite Sneak-In Burglars Into Your Home

Now that we are moving towards the season of warmer weather (fingers crossed) it is an opportunity to get out in to the garden and spend some time in the fresh air, invite friends round for a barbecue, do some gardening or just chill out and relax. Even if the weather isn’t hot and sunny, the chances are people will be opening the windows and unlocking the patio doors to let some welcome fresh air into the house.

Officers from Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police want to remind people to take steps to prevent sneak-in burglaries. Inspector Wayne Cook from the Local Policing Harm Reduction unit for Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police said: "Whenever we have a spell of nice weather we know that opportunist burglars are on the look-out for an easy chance to get into people’s homes. An open window, or an unlocked door is an open invitation to these sneak-in burglars who can be in and out of your homes in minutes, taking with them the possessions you have worked hard to buy."

"We know that nationally about 30 per cent of domestic burglaries are through insecure windows and doors where the burglar just walks into the house. Yet by taking a few simple steps to keep your house secure, you can reduce your chances of being burgled.”

Inspector Cooke said: "The easiest way to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a sneak-in burglary is to make sure you lock your doors and downstairs windows when you go out into the garden during the day, if you go out of the house during the day, and also at night time when you go up to bed. Even if you are in the house and you move to another room, close the window in the empty room. If you are going out, get into the habit of going round and checking that all the doors and windows and closed and locked, before you go. It only takes a couple of minutes."

"People believe their house is their castle and that they will never be burgled. But if you leave a door or a window unlocked, it is an open invitation for a burglar to come in. Even leaving a small window open can give a burglar the chance to get in. It is surprising how tiny a space some people can squeeze through or they may be able to lean through to open a larger window. Some burglars don’t even have to go inside, if you leave your mobile phone or hand bag, car keys, lap top or other valuable items within reach of an open window, they can just lean in and take them. Others climb in through the window, then use keys left in the door lock to let themselves out, enabling them to carry larger items out through the door."

It can be even more distressing for the householder when they then find that because there is no evidence of a forced entry to their home, they learn their insurance may not cover them for the loss.

In order to improve security at your home, consider adopting the following crime prevention tips:

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are focusing on reducing house burglary through Operation Citadel, a proactive campaign to target those who commit burglary and to increase awareness of crime prevention for householders.

Download free tracking software for all your electronic equipment at

Register your valuables on If your property is registered it can be traced if it is recovered.

Visit the Citadel House, the Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police digital crime prevention house at
Issued: Friday 2 May 2014

Notice 3, 07/05. Major Public Disorder Incident In Evesham

Police are appealing for witnesses, who saw a large-scale public disorder incident involving up to 50 people in Evesham, to come forward.

Numerous fights broke out in the town and it is believed a vehicle was driven into a crowd of people in the early hours of Saturday 26 April. The incidents appear to have been triggered when a dark Vauxhall Astra was driven at speed towards a group of people outside the Ambassador Snooker Club in Avon Street , Evesham, at 3am. It made contact with some of the pedestrians, who were injured (not seriously) as a result. Fights then broke out in Avon Road, Littleworth Street, Briar Close and Evesham High Street, where a vehicle was also damaged.

PC Laura Douglas, from police in Evesham, said: "We want to speak to anyone who saw this disorder going on in Evesham - particularly the black Astra being driven into the crowd of people outside the snooker club, any assaults and the vehicle being damaged in the High Street at about 3.20am. We are also appealing to anyone who knows of the people involved that night, even if they didn’t see it, to contact us immediately and help us with our investigations.

"While it is very unusual to come across an incident of this scale in Evesham, we want to get to the bottom of what happened and make sure any offenders are tracked down."

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Douglas on the non emergency number 101 quoting incident number 086s 260414. Alternatively information can be passed on anonymously by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or completing its online form by logging on to
Issued: Tuesday 6 May 2014


Following the appalling attendance at the AGM on 1st April it has been decided that the Association will now cease. There is obviously no interest in Neighbourhood Watch and with the resignation of the Chairperson and the Secretary/Treasurer, there were no volunteers to take over these roles.

If you would like the NHW Association to continue and also NHW as a whole in the Evesham & Pershore area, then please contact Sharon Summers on 0300 333 3000 ext 3419 on Wednesday's between 1pm - 4pm or Thursday's between 10am - 1pm.

Alternatively, you can email or to share your views.

Thank you.

Sharon Summers
Territorial Policing Volunteer
Evesham Police Station

Notice 1, 04/03. Telephone Fraud Reported In Worcestershire

A Droitwich woman has lost £5,000 and a Worcester couple £2,400 in two of the latest incidents of telephone fraud in the county. The 77-year-old woman received a telephone call on Saturday, March 1, from a man claiming to be a police officer from London. He claimed that her bank account had been compromised and told her to withdraw the £5,000 which would then be collected by a courier. The "courier" was a taxi driver, hired by the fraudsters.

The previous day, Friday February 28, the Worcester couple had a call from a man also claiming to be a police officer from London. He said that their bank cards had been cloned and used in a casino in London, and were now needed to produce in court at the suspects' trial. They were told to phone their bank to confirm account details but the offender had not cleared the line and took the information. A "courier" then arrived, wearing a yellow jacket, and took the cards away and it was later discovered that the cash had been removed from the accounts.

There were four other similar calls reported in West Mercia over the weekend, in Worcester, Droitwich and Craven Arms. Some of the recipients were suspicious and did not give in to the fraudsters' requests.

Last week Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police urged individuals to be vigilant, and not to be taken in by this scam.

They advised the following:

If you see any suspicious activity in your locality report it to police.
Issued: Tuesday, 04 March 2014