Pershore and Upton Doctors Surgeries

Urgent Notice - Symptoms of CORVID-19

In line with National Guidance ~ Upton Surgery and the two Pershore Practices are working together to provide the best care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that there will need to be one site where patients who may be at higher risk of COVID-19 should be assessed, this will be known as the 'Red Site'.

This will generally be for patients who have fever or respiratory symptoms (cough and shortness of breath). Patients who need seeing in person but who do not have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 will need to be seen at a different site to reduce the risk of cross infection, this will be known as the 'Amber Site'.

Your usual doctors will continue to assess you, talk to you on the telephone and over video consultation if appropriate, but if you need to see a health professional, the following will apply:

From Monday 30th March 2020

Abbotswood Medical Centre will be the practice where patients with high risk respiratory problems will be seen.

All other patients with urgent problems will be seen at either Pershore Medical Practice or Upton Surgery.

Please be reassured that the staff working in both sites will have appropriate protective equipment. There are set safety protocols and strict cleaning schedules in place to protect patients and staff.

Please contact your surgery by phone if you need medical advice. NHS 111 online should continue to be your first point of contact for any concerns regarding COVID-19.

Pershore Medical Practice - PRESCRIPTIONS

In order to maintain continuity of service during this difficult time, you will not be able to collect prescriptions between the hours of 10am and 3pm. If you need to collect a prescription you will be able to do this between 8:30am to 10am and 3pm to 6:30pm. Many thanks for your understanding and support.


A delivery service is being put into place for all prescriptions which are issued from Abbotswood.

Thank you