Cropthorne Parish Plan Update

Parish plans were introduced by the Government in 2002 to help communities explore ways they might want to develop in the future. In line with many councils across the country, Cropthorne Parish Council have now prepared a plan.

The plan is available to view here, click the link below.

Cropthorne Parish Plan

This is an Adobe Acrobat document, to get the free Acrobat Reader program, follow the link on the Council Meetings page. If you would like to save a copy of the questionnaire to print out, right-click the link above and choose "Save target As" (Windows) or control-click and choose "Save linked file to the Desktop" (Mac OS).

Parish Plan Actions

The conclusions from the Parish Plan process are outlined in an Action Plan which can be viewed by following the link below, or downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file here.


If you have any comments about the Parish Plan, please contact the parish clerk Richard Coles on 01386 860875 or by using the email form on the Contact Us page. He will pass them on to the committee.