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APT - Action on Poverty

You might not know that an organisation which provides assistance to people in need all over the world is based in Cropthorne!

APT Action on Poverty is a small, dynamic charity working to transform the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable people in Africa and South Asia, so people can:

APT have recently held a charity evening highlighting the skilled and beautiful work but also dangerous conditions and low pay faced by soapstone workers in Kisii, Kenya. This is an area where we work and where we are actively utilising funds raised locally in the Worcestershire area to improve working conditions.

The event was an overwhelming success, with guests being given the opportunity to try out soapstone carving themselves and to find out more about the work of APT Action on Poverty as well as the local fair-trade organisation in Pershore, Mahouts, with whom we co-hosted the evening.

You can read a Press Release, about this event or visit APT Action on Poverty on the web to find out more.